Shibuya ultima rattle


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I have a win and win AXT and there is an annoying tiz when I shoot it.
I have traced the problem to the shibuya ultima 2 fitted with a spiggarelli sight pin.
Has anyone else had this problem?
I will try to wrap the sight pin thread with ptfe to begin with.


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If you take the sight block and apply a litttle sideways pressure does it move?

(What follows is for the Ultima but I think the Ultima 2 is the same)

If so there are little Allen bolts on each side of the block that can be used to increase the tension on the x lock system. Part number UL46. But don’t overdo it or the sight won’t move on the bar. Try to move each bolt the same. Think “just enough”.

If you take the sight block off the vertical bar is there still vibration then it is something else :) check out the parts diagram and run through each of the fixings. (Or take it to your dealer)