Skylon arrows


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So I bit the bullet and took a punt on these....
the shafts look OK but the pins and points are way too loose compared to a Easton type snug fit engineering tolerances way down on US standards?
anybody have experience with these and any tips for assembling

BTW they are Skylon Precium with parallel break-offs 100-120gr



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Were the correct size points fitted, whilst the OD's are the same the internal diameters are different depending on spine.

So far IMO this range of shafts are proving to be a bargain, but don't fall into the trap of believing you are getting something for nothing, that they are equivalent to X10's costing 3 times as much etc but they run CX Nano's close.

Early batches of points and shanks were too soft, but this was sorted about 9 months ago.