Smartriser xm1

Does anybody know if smartriser are working on a new bow? I emailed them to see what the availability was and they have stopped making xm1 in left hand and think they are stopping rh too, eventually (although I've maybe got this mixed up in translation).

The nero is still being made but interested if theres something groundbreaking just round the corner or if they are just concentrating on 1 bow


Don't know if they're working on a new one, but if you're a righty, I can't recommend the XM1 highly enough, it's just wonderful to shoot with. Hasn't made me any better as an archer (ha!), but shooting is much more enjoyable with it.


Yes the most stunning riser I have ever shot, a country mile better than my old Wiawis and GMX. Coupled with a set of Uukha X-curves I can't imagine a better bow. I used to shoot it as a full recurve, but have since switched to shooting it as a barebow, the oil damping system makes string walking a real pleasure.

Today I'd certainly look hard at the new Gillo, but probably still end up with the Smartriser