Limbs Soul Black Flash carbon/foam opinion



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Hi has anybody have their hands on the Soul Black Flash Carbon/Foam limbs? if so hows the performance comparing to WNS Elite Carbon/Foam limbs.
I'm planing on going up in draw weight and want to try out carbon limbs (currently using Soul Everly limbs fibre/wood. Great limbs :)).
Are there any other good performance carbon limb in ?200 price range other than these two?


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Hi, im in a similar spot. Got wns premium alpha 28lbs wood/fibre. And soul archery black flash 36lbs foam/fibre. Medium 68" bow. Fc-100 riser.

I actually prefer the maplewood feeling. Foam feels a bit to snappy. And together with BCY 8125, it feels very agressive.

I got 28" draw, so draweight is same as stickers. Wns premiums span from 24-29lbs on fingers. Black flash from 35-40lbs.

First i was thinkin of FC-100 limbs 40lbs. But afraid its super agressive. Seen they shoot 210fps through chronos. And reviews tell they are agressive to match the carbon riser with more shotfeel.

So i settle with fastflight string and digging for gentle maple wood limbs. I guess i save up for winwin inno Ex Primes as final high end ones at 42lbs or 44. Or something similar.

Remember the wns elites Carbon is very thin layers 5% ?

until u reach uukha quality with 25-100% pure carbon.


I'm never sure how you judge the performance of budget limbs... But for what it's worth, I currently have to hand a set of Black Flash, medium, 34lbs.
On my handle they make a 68" bow, 33lbs on my fingers. With X10s I'm clocking them at 170fps, which is okay, but not startling.


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I made a drawcurve of my 36lbs black flash. Seams posting pictures are behind paywall ?

Anyway, they start of with a flatspot before 20lbs at 14 inches. Another small flat part at 22-23 inches at 28lbs. Then linear until 27 inches 35lbs with a small bumb then it goes like a banana curve from 27 inches/35lbs to 33 inches/ 49lbs stacking rapidly.
The scale i used isnt the best. i get a digital that is more accurate. I like to dig into the "clickerzone" where its critical to be smooth and not start stacking. 29 inches seams to be the very edge where the stacking kicks off on these limbs.

As posted above its 68 medium riser.

So reason i posted this is i doubt adding "carbon" to these limbs would help get through the clickerzone before hitting the wall at 29 inches of draw. The best way to find new limbs is to draw different limbs back to back against each other.
Im refering to the soul reverze and the Soul black flash Carbon/Foam limbs.