Spigarelli Carbon 30 sight



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5 out of 5 rating for Spigarelli Carbon 30 sight

The Spigarelli Carbon 30 is one of the types of recurve sight where the main body screws to the riser with two allen screws, the sight rod is carbon with the sight body sliding on the end. This minimises weight away from the bow, keeping the weight close to riser. The elevation adjustment is quick and easy to use. It is simple to read the scale and secure. There are 3 stacked knurled alloy wheels, and by pulling out against a spring the sight body will slide up and down the scale. By releasing the pull, two wheels will allow rough or fine positioning on slight ratchet. The sight position is then locked off. A metal guage then allows a reading. Very simple and easy. It all stays in place! The sight body slides along the carbon bar and can be locked (alloy wheel again) anywhere you choose. Windage is adjusted roughly by spinning the standard interchangeable sight thread, then locking with a locknut and fine adjustment made with a n alloy wheel on an easy to read vernier. Again very easy and secure. A lot easier than it may seem reading this!! Sights are ridiculously expensive generally, and whilst this one is not cheap; compared to others...it is. It can be bought (Perris) for around ?113, I believe, whilst available. It seems very nicely made and finished. So far, I'm really pleased with it.

Easy, secure, light....