For Sale Stabilizer sets : Shibuya caruno, Easton z-flex, Arctec Pro-XXL



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I'm selling a big lot of stabilizers and some other odd bits.

Shibuya Caruno:
2 sets, both in new condition.

30" long rod and 12 inch sides
26" long rod and 10 inch sides.

set price : 170 GBP including shipping, I can throw in an extender for a little extra.

caruno close.jpg

Easton Z-flex
New condition

30" long rod and 15" sides.
inludes lots of Easton vari weights(31 ounce).

Considering this set is new, with a store price of 400 + GBP I would like 310 gbp shipped.
If you don't need all the weights we can considered another price.

zflex close.jpg eason xflex ful.jpg

Arc tec pro XXL

34 inch longrod (I can shorten it)
14 inch sides

Used condition, comes with 1 original dampener on the front(not in the picture) without weights

160 GBP to your door.

arctec 2.jpg arctec.jpg


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Hi Julle,

Are the Shibuya Stabilisers still for sale, and also...are the long rods all pink and black?


In the picture is a 28" long rod and 12" sides these were black yellow. this set is sold

I also have a completely new set of carunos'black/pink long rod, 26" and 2 black/pink 10 inch side rods.
Also have a 5 inch extender in the same color.