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For various reasons I'm considering trying to start a new target archery club near Dunfermline. Has anyone got an advice for how to do that? How to build membership, specially as we won't have a GNAS coach? Hopefully I can do a Level 1 Course in the autumn, but until then...

Am I likely to be able to get funding to start a new club?

It's a big step, any advice would be very welcome :)


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If it's a GNAS club then get them to send you a copy of the secretaries handbook.

I found this a good starting point


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Get in touch with Jacqui Dunlop via the SAA website. I'm sure she can point you in the direction of some helpful people.


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Go have a chat with your local council they should be able to help you with grants you can apply for. Try not to take on to much to quickly, when we starting our club two years ago the objective for the first year was ten members, we now have 40.When buying initial club kit (with grant money) get low poundage bows suitable for both juniors and seniors (18lb bows are perfect)

Vanya Goud

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And get plenty of help, it is a lot to do on your own.

First step is finding a suitable location considering GNAS safety requirements for a shooting range and an understanding landlord. We shoot at a multi-disciplinary sports centre and they have been very accommodating, especially regarding financial contributions in the early days.

Good Luck!


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Get some people together who want to found the club with you, the more the better, the more experienced archers you have or coaches the better.
Sit down and think about how you are going to do things, the costs involved and the like. Who is going to do what, what time can be dedicated etc.

You basically want to sit down, look at your assets and look at your goals and see if there is a link.

Coaching is exceptionally important, you need good coaching provision, especially if you want to take on novices. As soon as they think they can't be helped by you anymore they are out.

As for funds, apply for every grant you can and hopefully you will get at least one.

Equipment wise, obviously Bosses and targets are essential. A hall/field, Bow wise, lots of bendybows and sh-arrows. Id get bendy bows in the realms of 18lb - 24lb and then a couple of proper setups with 28lb. Full club setups can be gotten for About ?100, so consider this. You need plenty of spares as well.

Good luck.

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Letter of intent in your local newspaper to get like minded individuals together.
Apply for a lottery grant (awards for all) to buy lots of gear and startup rental on any facilities you will need.


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Some great ideas here. Thanks everyone, and please keep them coming :)

I have a venue in mind, but need to check it is long enough. Its a private sports club with cricket field and rugby field (and three squash courts). I guess there could be a flat bit of grass available year round.

I'll start finding a few more like minded individuals and see what we can begin to put together.


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That's the easy bit Muriel :)

I'm going to try and find 4 or 5 other archers who would help make this happen. Then try to make contact with some of the lapsed archers in the area and see if any decide to come back to the sport, when there are facilities close to hand. As far as I know there has never been a target archery club in Dunfermline, but at one time there were two field archery clubs. At one point they merged, and then the remaining course was vandalised repeatedly and they gave up.

Maybe this could be together in time to do level 1 training with our first beginners's course...


John (OSF)

I wouldn't worry too much about coaching etc at the moment ( as any experienced archer can run a beginners course). The important thing imo is deciding what you see your club providing and after that every move made should further these aims.
You only need 3 to form a club and a gnas club constitution is downloadable. We set up a club of 4 a few years back and have kept it at that, we're all coaches and are heavily involved in the training of beginners and help provide members for the other clubs in the area.
We have private outside shooting ground and use the local leisure in the winter. A club doesn't have to be massive to be useful in your area

Best of luck Mike, as another archery club (anywhere) can only be a good thing imho :beer:

ps please feel free to pm me if you think I can help in any way or just to bounce ideas


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Definately interested in having a chat with you about this when we next see each other. A club in the Dinfermline local would be something I'm very interested in.


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I am currently involved with setting up a Junior club in Dunfermline right now. We have received grant funding to the tune of ?3000 for the purchase of equipment etc. I would be very interested in being involved in a senior club for Dunfermline. Do you have a venue? Is it actually in Dunfermline as if it is there is an avenue for funding that will be open to you if this is the case. I am also a GNAS leader so could help with basic introductory coaching.


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I looked into this a little while back, according to the secretaries book, the first things you need are a minimum of 3 members and a shooting ground.