Stolen Bow Derby area


From a friend at work, I'll post more details when I have them.

Our club captain had his bow stolen last week from home. He lives in Derby area.

Its a Andy Soars Recurve one piece with his name (Vic Chapman) written on - so not easy to hide without damaging the bow (at minimum there would be scratches on the lower limb if someone was trying to hide the origin.)

Anyone who knows archery will know its not a cheap bit of kit and he'd obviously like it back.

We are checking Ebay etc but its possible it may be offered at club shoots etc or even on car boots as assuming the person who took it knows what it is - he / she also knows they can get a nice 3 figure sum for it.

Like I say, I know its a "Long shot", no pun intended, but if anyone does come across it can you let me or Derby police know please.