Stolen Equipment Hard case with compound bow and arrows



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Stolen in Edinburgh back in October. No leads so far . Thought I'd listed this already but possibly only on Facebook.

below is thea copy of the details I passed on to the police:-

The bow was an Obsession Phoenix Compound bow 50-60lbs draw weight and 29" draw. It is red and black in colour in a stormy hardwoods paint finish. The strings and cables are red and black and the cams are anodised red with the phrase Fuel the Obsession laser etched on to them. The limbs are black with the Obsession bows logo. The bow retails at $900 plus import duties. This was custom built and shipped directly from the manufacturer in Georgia U.S.A. and is the only one of its kind in Europe. It is fitted with a Trophy Taker SSPro Arrow rest . There is a Speciality Archery peep sight fitted to the string and a small plastic box containing spare apertures which I've attached a pic showing the paint finish and another showing the cam and limb logo's (the bow in the second photo is the same model as the one taken in a different finish)

The Sight is an AXCEL AX3000 sight in black fitted with Mathews harmonic dampers fitted with a Merlin MAC Ten Zone scope with Nikon Scope and green fiber optic.
Along with the scope there is a small plastic box with a green lid containing 4 Feathervision lenses in different magnifications.

There are two sets of Arrows, the first being a set of Carbon Express Nano Pro arrows in black with Nano Pro 450 marked on them in gold. These are fitted with tool steel points and are fletched with Purple vinyl shaft wraps and Yellow Bohning Shield Vanes and Fitted with Gold Soma Pins and yellow Beiter nocks.

The second set of arrows are Black Eagle X-Impact arrows in a black Carbon finish With a flame logo with Black Eagle X-Impact 400 written on it. These are fitted with 140 grain steel target points , Black Eagle pins and Yellow Beiter nocks and fletched with Orange Bohning Shield vanes.

The Stabilizers are Doinker Elite in Black and Silver with a Doinker logo on the Side They consist of a longrod and two shorter twin rods which attach to a v-bar mounting bracket. These were fitted with orange rubber dampers which fit between the rod and screw in end weights.

The chronograph is manufactured by Arrowspeed and is black with a tan plastic housing with the words Arrowspeed Radarchron stamped on it below the LCD display.

There is also an Easton quiver in Grey and light blue trim with the Easton Logo on them. In the top pocket is a Maitland Compound Bows badge and a black Bearpaw arrow Puller. Attached to the lower side pocket is a light blue laminate badge with Nishizawa Ironman 2013. In the side pocket is a set folding allen keys.

The Case is manufactured by Striker and is a hard black plastic flight case with two key locks and a combination lock. It's dimensions are 120 x 40 x 18cm there is a divider inside with two large nylon mesh pockets. The stitching is starting to come loose on the pocket zips and there is a hole in the mesh.

There was also a brown A4 envelope in the case containing a laminated copy of my STAFAA coaching certificate.

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