Stolen from Salisbury area 6/12/15, black W&W RCX-100 and kit.


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Hi all.
Please keep a look out for the following, stolen from my garage on Sunday:

Sebastien Flute Xelium archery bag in black/blue, with integral arrow tube. Containing:

Win & Win RCX-100 right-handed riser (bow handle) in natural carbon fibre (black), 25? size. Fitted with black and silver clicker and black sight mount. 2 mths old, hardly used, would apear brand new.
Win & Win RCX-100 limbs, carbon fibre, 38lbs @ 70? (draw strength for size of bow). 2 mths old, hardly used, would appear brand new.
Sebastien Flute Fibre Foam limbs in black/orange, 36lbs @ 70?
8x Easton Superlite ACC arrows, carbon fibre/aluminium. 3-39/440 spine. Natural carbon fibre shaft, black and orange fletchings, transparent orange nocks.
7x Easton Blues arrows, aluminium. Blue anodized shaft, blue and yellow fletchings, white nocks.
Blue anodized bow stand
Cartel Dynamic Carbon long rod stabiliser, black, 36? long (stored with arrows in arrow tube). Orange shock absorber and black weight fitted to end
Sebastien Flute stabiliser extender, black/silver.
Cartel v-bar, black.
Sebastien Flute Axiom side bars, black/silver.
2 x Sebastien Flute ultimate Dampers in packaging tube. One blue, one orange.
Sebastien Flute tab, red anodized aluminium/black leather.
Bow stringer (white nylon string)
Bow square, gold.
Score pad
Cartel bracer (arm guard), black
Finger sling, black/white
Allen key set, orange.

Easton Lite quiver, blue/grey. Identifying badges on pockets: First Class badge, Second Class Badge, Sevenoaks Archery Club badge. Quiver pockets contain:
Small pad
Arrow puller
Park tools Allen key set, blue.
Blue phillips head screwdriver

Cartel black, padded sight bag containing:
Cartel sight, black.
2x Shibuya pressure buttons, black (one with blue markings)
Fast flite string in clear tube.
Dacron string, loose.

If anyone is offered this or hears anything, please contact me here or pref. contact Wiltshire Police.
Many thanks.