Stolen/Lost SF Carbon Sight - Left Handed


Hi all. I'm wondering if anybody here has (or knows of somebody who has) lost, or had stolen, an SF Carbon sight?

I ask because I bought one on Ebay and it arrived without the mounting block. The seller is trying to persuade me that he never had one and that it's not an integral part of the sight. In a couple of days I shall escalate the dispute. (Yes, I know I should have noticed the bracket wasn't in the photos - just as I should have noticed it's left-handed, while I'm not. I resolve never to bid on ebay when under the influence of cold medication - especially the single malt kind).

However, I began to wonder how somebody could have the rest of the sight, including the bag (which also held a pair of limb alignment tools, some allen keys, a few nocks and some spare springs and a plunger for a button. Then I realised that this is just how somebody might carry their sight around when not in use - obviously the bracket would remain on the bow. The bag, however, would be something that some low-life could easily snaffle and try to sell on Ebay.

Here is the original auction - LINK I would be grateful if people could check it out, especially those from the Wokingham area. It would be great if the outcome of this could be that I'm reunited with my money, an archer is reunited with their sight and a scumbag is reunited with the police.


Looking at this chaps feedback he has sold some archery gear in the past and there could be a possibility that the mount was on that gear.
He may be trying it on in an attempt to get you to accept the sight as he knows that he has messed up.
I would not suggest it is stolen without clearer proof.
As we all know a sight without a mount is useless and in this case the wording would be " Not fit for purpose".
He should accept this sight back and give a full refund. Even though the mount was not in the picture this is no excuse as you should have an expectation that this would work unless he stated otherwise.
So, a polite message to him to explain. If you sent the sight back make sure it is recorded and signed for.
If you have to escalate, ebay are quite good at sorting most problems but not instantly. If you eascalate, give him the negative feeback he deserves too.


Although if it does turn out to be legit, I could give you a sight block for it, as I have a broken SF sight cluttering up the house somewhere.

The club in Wokingham is Home - Bowmen of Burleigh Archery Club you could drop the club secretary an email with the ebay link and see if anyone is missing one. I haven't heard anyone complaining about the loss of a sight though.