Storage Ideas for ILF recurve


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We are in the process of buying loads of new ILF recurve bows...

What I am looking for is a good way of storing them in a limited space...

When you visit a shop, they're all displayed on racks etc... I'd like something like that for in our cupboard so members can simple grab a riser and set of limbs

Any suggestions?


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I’d second the Really Useful Box suggestion - we have half a dozen at club for arrow sets, spare limb sets and other bits & bobs.


I know an archery shop in the Netherlands (VBS) has a plank with slots just like the picture in post #6, but just wide enough so the limbs hang on the dovetail bolts. The risers get a metal hook in the stabilizer hole which go into another plank.
This >link< has a picture on Facebook.