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1/ if at 2nd you don't succeed ...have a beer.
2/ if your getting too many 9's.....aim at the ten.
3/ how many students to make one GMB......7... 6 to shoot ...1 to add the scores together.
4/ when becoming a good friend with another archer. dont say at a bar that you've never been so drunk you didn't know what you were doing..
and finding out the folowing day that your new friend is bowman of the peak resident beer monster .(splitter) head hurt.
5/ confiscated N.I flag at Largs. had phone call that they needed it for jun euronations and could they have it back.......hotel room ?100. 300mile round trip. got to ground and found one of the judges had to pass my house to get there......doohhhhh
6/ stolen N.I. blow up sheep Baa baa raa. in jersey. wish i'd been in bedroom when a certain woman came to retrieve through the bathroom window.....
7/ quote..ndy. why are N.I last to leave the Bar and first on the field...
N.I. team manager reply.....would you sleep if you lived in N.I.
8/ what does Bulldog look like when he is Stoned........UGLY
9/ car needs tyres and service,but you have n't enough money.....tyres will save your life, service will save your engine.....moral...cheaper to change engine than get a head transplant.

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