String Advice Please! For modern limbs on wooden ILF riser


Hi everyone, I have just ordered a 23" 'modern' wooden ILF riser (action wood and mycarta laminate construction by the look of it). I will be mounting my Hoyt Traditional carbon wood recurve medium limbs on it. Can you advise on the sort of strings I should be looking at in terms of material? I am familiar with the usual string materials for olympic recurve, but don't know if the wooden riser needs to be taken into account i.e. should I be looking at something a little softer e.g. D97 or D75 Flemish rather than a regular endless loop 8125G or the like? I want the bow to have a fairly soft shot and be fairly quiet. Its easy for me to pick up a 66" 8125 string, but wonder if I should go for something a bit kinder on the riser?

Any help is appreciated!

BTW the riser I am getting is the Kaiser Chillon. Nobody seems to know anything about them as they are very new, so I guess I am the guinea pig!

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Ask your manufacturer!
Generally speaking though, it's the limbs that suffer from poor string choice.


If you wanted "softer", you'd have to look at Dacron rather than a different brand of hmpe.

I suspect that any suggestion that you can get a detectable difference between different brands of dyneema/spectra without using (a) engineering tools (b) an olympic level archer, is probably just a gleam in the eye of the marketing guys...