String type for Mongol horsebow

Hi there,

I shoot a 55lb Mongol horsebow w. 5 1/2 looped string (among other bows) and make the strings for it, however, I'm fed up with making endless loop strings for it when all my other bows take Flemish twists..

Any ideas on whether a flemish twist string with the appropriately sized loops would be alright for use on a horsebow?


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After browsing the web there doesnt seem to be any reason why a flemish twist string cannot be used. People on a couple of american forums suggested that you get far more stretch in a flemish twist string on a horsebow than you do with a endless loop kind. Another concern which I found (but from only one person who wasnt sure of it themselves) was that it could twist the siyahs. I suppose its going to just be something that you have to try out on your bow and just keep an eye on whether or not it does anything. I think I might give it a go on my persian bow as it could do with a new string soon
Suppose its got to be worth a try hey?

It seems odd that there is no concrete evidence for it out there.. Especially considering all the apparent facts about using Flemish twist strings on a modern recurve..