String walk gaps


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I've seen a couple of articles on the internet that suggest that the string walk gaps between distances are even rather than getting further apart the longer the distance, as would be the case with a sight on an Olympic style recurve.

Is that true? Can I just evenly split my 20 yard walk to get walks for distances between 60 yards (point on) and 20 yards?




Simple answer...... nope.
Possible answer.... yes.
Depends on your limbs, your riser, your arrows and of course on you and your draw style, release etc.

Use a straight split as a starting point but you need to shoot them to check. They "probably" won't vary that much except for the very short and the longest ( the shortest walk up bunny will be all within one and a half to two stitches crawl, between fifty and sixty yards about three to four stitches).


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Thanks Valkamai, I thought it was too good to be true. I guess I'll be confirming walks this weekend once I get the tuning sorted out and decide which points are best.

I'm really looking forward to trying this style around the course :)