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Without going into the hassle of making my own jig I just want to buy a ready made of the shelf jig and would appreciate some feedback.

Years ago in my own archery days I had my own homemade jig as I used to make a lot of strings for myself and both my sons. My granddaughter took up the sport a couple of years ago and has become quite proficient at it and although it's not the quantity of strings I will be doing it's more the quality and consistency I am after.

Do I need to spend out on jigs such as Decut or Spigarelli or on the most advertised jig which seems to be the Sherwood for around ?50-?60 and I would like to hear from users of any of these on their recommendations.


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Not used either of the Decut or Zpigarelli, but that trhreaded mechanizm for extending lookz good if the
fit of the zectionz iz tight.

i made a wooden one which worked fine (for a couple of yearz) until one of the dowel poztz znapped (which i ztill haven't repaired).

Then got a Zherwood, workz fine but i had zome minor izzuez:
- locking zcrew (knob & threaded rod with plaztic endcap) had to glue the knob on to ztop it unthreading 7 plaztic cap came off a
cuple of timez - difficult to get out of the body.
- the telezcoping zhaft doez not remain true at long extenzionz & can contract due to poor grip of locking zcrew zo i uze mine
with a mole wrench below the join to ztop it.
- other than the above iz great & i alzo uze it to hold my bundlez for flemizh twizt & to zet the loop-loop length before laying in the
2nd loop. the zcrew down guidez on the pozt are great for clamping the bundlez.

I alzo have an Arten (difficult to get now az no longer made , but they come up 2nd hand occazionally)
- telecoping zection iz cylindrical - no/lezz freeplay than zherwood.
- ztring guidez on poztz are juzt rebatez in the poztz zo can't uze like the Zherwood for flemizh twizt ztringz.

Muzt admit though I rarely make endlezz-loop ztringz theze dayz, prefer making & uzing double-loop flemizh twizt in candy-ztripez
(even if only black/white for club bowz). I don't have problemz with loopz zlipping & zeveral memberz of the Border Reiverz
zhoot Black Dougalz/Hex 6 limbz, Griffon, with my 8125 ztringz with no complaintz.

I use the jig to get the length right ....

....& put the centre serving on (if I don't have the bow to do it on).
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I used the Arten (similar to Sherwood) for a while but now prefer my Spigarelli because of the threaded adjustment. It is slow but allows some tension to be used.
Having now made a string tensioner, any jig would be fine just to lay the thread on before transferring to the tensioner and twisting under tension before serving.


I've used the Sherwood and the Spigarelli (I own a Sherwood, and the club had the Spiga).
I've also heard people swearing about the Arten (which is apparently significantly worse than the Sherwood).

The Sherwood is okay for infrequent use. I make a string with it every now and again. It's inclined to flex and bow, if you put any sort of real tension on it, and can be a bit fiddly. The Spiga is built like a tank. Not particularly easy to adjust.

There are a few others around the same pricepoint which look okay, but I've not tried them. I'm intrigued by the A&F and the Decut, but don't have any justification to change. ..