The Fonz Award - An Explanation

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Well, it's with great pleasure - and a lump in my throat - that the Fonz Award has been granted it's own forum sub-section.
As the header suggests, the Award is granted to any archer who performs a great act of idiocy. The more stupid the act, the better. The greater and more public the humiliation, the better. Bonus points will be awarded to any nominee who tries to ignore their faux pas with a Fonz-esque cover-up.
So whether it's one of your club archers or another member of our little community, spill the beans. We want to know about it! And Fonz awards will be granted retrospectively.
Previous winners include the Forum Daddy himself, Dave, and now our very own moderator, Kevin H. So you'll be in illustrious company.
Get posting! ;)


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<font size="2">I'd just like to point out that I did try and move my Fonz Award into this part of the forum but I couldn't detach it from its thread :(</font></p>
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