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I've got my new MK bow. I'm shooting well at the moment but archers said to me that my bow is making noises after I shot the arrow.
I've asked one of my coach about my noisy bow, he said my stabilisers are making too much vibrations causes loss of energy.
He said about adding Rubber Dampers on my stabilisers. I've researched on Dampers, dampers are also can add on upper riser
or lower riser or back grip riser. I need information about dampers on stabilisers and upper/lower/back grip riser. anyone know
anything about dampers on your opinion?

1. What good about adding dampers?
2. What happens if you don't add dampers or what happens if your bow are making too much vibrations?



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Have you eliminated contact between the arrow and the bow? Do you have marks on your riser from fletchings or damaged fletchings or cracked nocks? A lot of noisy bows are from arrow contact, which appears to be post shot. Make sure you have dealt with basic issues before you worry about minor things like dampers, which won't sort a big problem.


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No damaged on my spider vanes and no damaged on my arrows. Nocks broke as my arrows making nice group together. My Arrows used to go in the middle but in the end, my arrows go lower (still nice group but low). When I tapped the limbs, my stabilisers are shaking (big shaking). I think my sight screws are loose, stabilisers weights are loose and bolts keeps changing tiller (I've tighted it).


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Yes, I've always checked properly. Whenever I start practice, bracing height seems to be different meaning both bolts loose so I keep tighing it. So no problem. My limbs are 70/40 MK Veracity and I'm pulling 42.5 on my finger. My draw length is 31.

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Remove everything from the bow, if that cures it, add the "stuff" back on one item at a time until it becomes noisy again.
that may help to locate the culprit.
You must remember that the constant striving for higher arrow speed does leave a lot of energy in the bow...(The "coach" was talking nonsense, as once the arrow has gone any remaining energy is no use, and a damper is supposed to absorb energy).
Modern bows are bound to make a noise as the string contacts the limbs. ( A wooden bow where the string doesn't rest on the limbs is very quiet).

Noise is generally created by something that is free to move when and where it shouldn't.
You say various screws are loose... that will certainly make some noise.


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My stabiliser rods, sight, scope and rest have all made noises from being slightly loose.
I have a slightly nerdy checking procedure to make sure everything is tight - it can even happen during a shoot.
There's a lot of energy stored and released in any bow - if it can find an "outlet" that isn't 100% flinging your arrow, it will.