Trad bow for NFAA, EFAA and WA 3D



Hi All.
Can you help me with some advice on trad bow specification for field /3D archery?
I have a 28" draw length and shoot Traditional BowHunter style in NFAA, Traditional Recurve style in EFAA and Instinctib=ve style in WA 3D.
In the past, I've shot a Covert Hunter with wooden arrows for all of the associations.
The CH has a foam limb which is no longer recognised in EFAA, so I had to change to a wooden riser with wood core limbs, shooting carbons.
I bought a 62" Bearpaw Mohawk and a 60" Black Hunter, both being shot split-finger, both shoot well, however I think the 60" is too small, giving a degree of finger pinch

I want to be able to to shoot 3 fingers under and split-finger, so I was thinking about changing to an ILF riser
The WA 3D instinctive class doesn't permit a bow where the poundage can be changed, so I would have to go for a bolt on set up.
What overall bow size do you recommend? and in what combination, small riser long limbs or medium riser short(ish) limbs.
If I shoot 3 under, does the riser need additional weight built in to it?
A simple solution would be to buy wood corer for the CH, but I'd rether look at an alternative

Hope that makes sense



Just get a wood core limb for the CH?
Thanks for getting back to me.
The reasons why I've not bought them straight away is cost, (?900.00), and there is talk of reliability.
Eventually, I'd like to have a spare bow, for international competitions.