Training & Goals logbook?



I want to track my goals and training a little better. I'd like to be able to record my goals (long term, medium term), plan training sessions ahead of time (what I plan to work on) and also record what I did and how it went. I guess it doesn't need to be an "archery" log book as such, but it would be ideal if it was.

Anything around that would fit the bill? Many of the android apps I've looked at are for workouts, so they have templates to do with reps and activities like running so they don't quite work.


I've always just used free form notes. Originally in paper notebooks, then on a Palm Pilot, more recently on Android devices.

It's useful, if you're prone to use more than one device (phone and tablet, say), to use something which keeps the two in synch.

In a pinch, Google Keep could probably be used, but there are better designed memo apps out there - allowing categorisation, searching within notes etc.
There are probably purpose made apps out there, but I'm not convinced they offer any advantages worth the space they would take up.

Hell, on most devices, you could probably just stick something into a spreadsheet or Word doc these days...