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I have bought a Launchtec blade, got it at the Nationals. However, I have now noticed that the Trophy Taker 2 hole rest is very hard to align accurately each time the blade is changed.
To get it aligned the same as my metal blade, I just shot and moved the blade until the arrow landed in the same place as with metal blade.
The other way I have thought of making the change consistent would be to put two marks at the bottom of the blade and on the rest itself then mark the new blade in the same place and tighten down.

What do other people do to align the blade?
And has anyone had any experience of the Launchtec blades?
Get an AAE Freakshow blade rest. It has a hexagonal locating hole that aligns the blade perfectly each time.

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I grabbed one as well, and have a similar thing on my infinity. I tend to eye up the arrow down the string to check for centreshot and go from there. Tends to work ok, although I should probably look for a more exact way of doing it.

vince verrier

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one reason i went away from tt rests, but i did use launchtec blades, had some of the earliest ones as brian is a club mate, very good blade, and i couldnt fault them, went to a freakshow now due to the locating system, but never had any issues once the launchtec blade was fitted square


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Hi folks, this is Brian, I make the Launchtec blades.

To hand produce the blades with the accuracy of a pressed steel blade is not economically viable, they would cost at least ?30 lol.
When I line up my blades this is how I do it.
Shoot the original rest at 30 mtrs, set your sight, change the blade and adjust the rest until the are hitting the same spot. This is a good start point for tuning and a way of consistently putting the blade in the same place.
Hope this is useful.
The problem I found with that idea is that the previous blade had worn at least half a mm to one side. This would put the arrow 15mm from were it originally blade started at 30 yards. I just measure from the Riser to the centre when the centre shot is correct put in my setting notes and use a steel rule to fit the new blade
I made a plastic gig from a credit card coming from the riser once you have it correct. Then use it to set the replacements.