Uukha Limbs with 652 spectra string (#strands)


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Thanks for your time.
I would like to test my new Uukha Sx50 30# 68” with spectra 652 string.
Unfortunately Uukha brand only give advise for 8125, Rhino and 8190 so I am asking for your experience.
How many strands should be used for 30# limbs? I am guessing 14, the same amount Uukah recommend for 8125 at 30#.
Please let me know your favorite string with Uukha.


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BCY have strand comparison/recommendations on their site.

BCY Fibers - Bowstring Material

They same the same for 8125 and 652. So that would be 14. Personally I prefer thicker strings, so I’d be 16 at least and probably 18. But if you are happy with very thin strings just go for it. You might need to build up your centre serving to get a decent nock fit even with small nocks.

Can‘t speak to the best for Uukha bit.