VERY weird tuning issues


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This has got to be the weirdest thing ive seen so far in archery...

Tonight about halfway through the night my shots started to wander off and weird things started to happen. Arrows were SLAMMING into the riser as they passed and going all over the boss, warping fletchings in the process ( newly fletched only a week ago, arghhhh!! ).

Nothing on the bow had changed, brace height nock point rest etc all normal, i hadnt changed anything in my form it was the same as always ( not the best, but consistent at least! :cheerful: ) but practically every shot for 2nd half of the evening went to pot.

for reference i shoot a 70", 32lb @ 28" which is my draw length as measured.
Easton Redline arrows, 30" in 600 spine which is correct by the easton chart. Have been using this bow/arrow combination for 2-3 months two-three times a week with no issue.

Now is where the weirdness comes in....

Some of the more experienced archers took a look and couldnt see anything wrong so we started moving the centreshot, made some slight difference but not much and they were still contacting enough to send them fishtailing and off in random directions.

At thier wits end they suggested a bare shaft test, so i took the one with most damaged fletches, stripped it and cleaned and took the shot... It ended up in a boss TWO LANES TO THE LEFT, roughly 3metre off target at 18m.

This shocked the hell out of everyone so it was repeated, and did the same again about 4 times in a row.

On one archers suggestion, to find out if it was the button causing problems it was removed and the bareshaft fired with no button at all, shaft resting against riser. Impacted approx 2m to left, not as bad as with button but still MILES off.

does anybody have any idea whats happened???

soo frustrated, evenign started well with an hour of good shooting and scores for me, and then in the space of 3 ends it all went wrong :(



Yep, your bow WAS tuned quite heavily by the button adjustment, removing the button improved things as I suspect it needs a good clean. Dirt can cause it stick. It may also be worn on the edge and the arrows are skipping. :cheerful:

I sugest replacing the button or at the very least cleaning the one you have and re-tuning.


Wow, big problems it seems.
Had a look at the arrow rest? Is it worn? Does it support the arrow with the middle of the button?

It seems it could have decided to start hopping over the top or diving under the button perhaps??? - no button function = arrows going far left or right when the arrows aren't tuned to the bow (or visa versa).


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As far as I know:

1 - Arrow sitting on top of button - Can be caused by incorrect clicker strength, worn button, incorrect arrow rest position and archer (pinching).
2 - Knackered button
3 - Broken Limbs/Riser - When my Avalon developed a crack, I had less severe wondering arrows before I realised.

Without watching you shoot, can't really give any more advice. kae.


One thing to check is the limb alignment. Sometimes this is adjustable, dependingon the type of riser, and if the locking screws shake loose the limbs can drift sideways causing the most alarming results.

String the bow and put a limb-tip on the floor, then holding the other limb-tip at waist height, look down the bow. Is the string down the centre of the riser? Then reverse it and do the same thing from the other end.

If not that then start by checking the tiller, the centre shot, the nock, etc. one piece at a time. Patience will usually eliminate everything else until you find the source of the problem.

Hope it works out.


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I had A similar experience at the Bucks County Shoot A couple of years ago. I was shooting quite well at 100 y. After a few ends the Arrows were starting to go left I adjusted my sight to compensate This carried on for a few ends with me getting more & more confused as to what was going on. In the end I ran out of adjustment and patience I started looking round the Bow & found that one of the Allen screws that adjust the limb pocket had fallen out, of course the pocket had moved. I had no spare so had to retire. Needless to say all Limb Pocket mounting screws are now fixed with Locktite

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Usual cause is pressure button coming loose, or string path clearance problems, drawing to far back on face, hitting clothing or arm guard. Eliminate this then do 100% check on fixtures and fittings for wear and tear, as if doing your preliminary set up again, also broken strands in bow string can have very detremental effect, even ones hidden beneath servings, try a different string.