[Warbow] Warbows and yew sapwood question

Made up a big hemp string and got it to 3 in he's. Ok say I want the bow to be 90lb at 30 inch draw, how much weight should should it take to get it to brace heigh? I know that the pounds start at zero at the brace, but so far this thing is taking 55 pounds just to brace at 3 inches. I'm thinking I may have made it too big though I just followed standard warbow dimensions.
Well I got myself some nice horn nocks from 3 rivers and they came two days later. When do I put them on? When the bow is done?


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Once the bow is at brace. It's very easy to leave them off, brace the bow and have the string tear through the wood and split it due to the tension. Happened to me a lot...

Now I put the horn nocks on immediately after getting a good bend to brace height.