Waterside Archers - Exbury (Theft & fire)

[FONT=&quot]Waterside Archers had their beginner equipment stolen and their club hut burnt down over the weekend.
If anybody hears of any kit being sold off cheaply, or sees any beginner equipment (wooden take-down bows and aluminium arrows) marked WA or Waterside, then please let the club know.[/FONT]



I doubt I will see anything in my neck of the woods (will obviously let you know immediately if I notice anything suspect on Ebay etc) but just wanted to express my sorrow about what happened. I would say what I'd like to do to the perpetrators (would probably involve some chairs, some duck tape and broadhead arrows) but I suspect that would get me banned. Seriously, I hope your club can recover from such an attack.


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Sad to hear - hope they are back on their feet quickly and lucky enough to recover some of their kit.