What have I done now? Help please



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My long rod tip is in the way / view of my site - I can't see the Gold at 100 Yards.? I can't understand why it should happen and what may have changed in my form / technique to cause this problem.</p>

Its been driving me nuts all night long. Can someone shed some light onto my problem please?</p>


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Its never happened before tonight and I shoot 41# on the fingers....Perhaps I'll just have to increase weight?!?


A couple of possible scenarios:-
a) You are shooting with your sight set at the mark at which you were hitting 100 yards previously, and the rod has "suddenly" appeared. This sounds as if you are pushing too far with your bow hand palm, and hence twisting your bow upwards. Relax your bow hand, and concentrate on getting your bow arm consistent
b) You are shooting but gradually moving your sight lower because arrows are falling short. Was it a cold night in Harrogate (well it was in Ilkley!)? Were you tired, hungry? Had you warmed up? Were you really in the mood for practice? All these, and countless more, factors can affect your form, particularly early in your archery career. (probably sounding patronising here, not meant to be)
If this continues to happen, go back to a shorter distance (60/50 yards) where you could expect to have consistent groups. Watch what happens to your arrows there, and preferably get someone to watch you shooting. Look out for other things; are you pulling through the clicker faster, or with more difficulty; is your follow through bringing your hand to the same place, etc? In other words, get more data, and help in analysing it. And ask your club coach - it's what he's there for!


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Thanks for the tips Furface :) I'll take a note of them when I shoot?this Thursday. My shoulders do seem to be a lot more tired this week than in the past. And I do feel more tense shooting?at 100 yards at the mo!</p>

I'd love to ask the club coach, but I hardly ever see him - he shoots once in a blue moon (like once every other month, if that). </p>

I'll have a go with a Video Recorder I think!</p>

Many thanks.</p>

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What arrows are you shooting?</p>

?AT 70m with 42#, My sight pin is in line with the carbon?sight bar @70m, and 1/2 inch from the bottom of the [email protected] 90m with full extention from my riser, and i can still move the runner down a thread. If i had my longrod, (the tip of which is 40 inches from the riser) in the way i would be aiming about 200 yards away.</p>


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Redline arrows, with Nap QuickSpins and they are heavy. The FOC is 12% - HOWEVER, I think its more to do with my?technique rather than my arrows - I've had no problems prior to lastnights shooting.</p>