What's in your quiver?



I was shooting Sunday with a group of more established club members, all of which compete on behalf of the club (I do not yet, but am soon to be sorting out my NFAS membership). On the shoot, i noticed each person had an assortment of different items on on their belt / quiver. I am just curious, what do you have in/on yours?

Mine for example is an Avalon tec one quiver with a multi-tool, bahco wrecking knife. The customary whistle and a cloth for the dirty arrows.


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In my quiver or on my belt I have:

A small multitool
A large lockknife for digging out arrows
A small monocular
A tab
An armguard
A whistle
A scrap of leather for string maintenance
A bow square
An arrow rake
A pencil and sharpie
Spare nocks
A spare stick on rest
A spare string
A small spanner for adjusting limb alignment
Tools for button adjustment
Allen keys for bow adjustment (not a set; just ones that fit something)
Card with sight marks and target sizes
Tick Twisters
A Buff
A rag for wiping down arrows
Oh and arrows ;)

It sounds like a lot but it all packs in my quiver and it's all that I take into the woods apart from my bow.

The problem that I have is keeping out stuff that shouldn't be there. The other week I found string wax in there; I have no idea why as I use Angel strings and don't need it....


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Wow dvd8n, that's a lot. I have 8 arrows, arrow puller and half a pork pie... just in case :)
Dude - you're a compounder! If you don't have at least two release aids, five sets of allen keys and a bow stand that you leave everywhere I'll eat my hat.


Or anyway I'll eat my emergency pastie.........


Same as KidCurry, but no pork pie. I'd probably ditch the quiver altogether if my pockets were a bit longer...


In my quiver? Arrows only (I didn't put any pockets on it - it's fairly minimalist and nearly flat).
On my belt; a mobile phone, arrow counter and mini-tassel.


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I'm feeling massively over equipped here. What do you do if you're out in the woods and you think that your brace height is wrong? Go home?


I realised after your post, I have a lot of stuff I didn't list. I am much like you (with the exception of the bow square and spare string). I usually measure my brace when setting up by the car :D


I'm feeling massively over equipped here. What do you do if you're out in the woods and you think that your brace height is wrong? Go home?
Ah well... some of us don't (yet) go out in the woods. So my case is sitting nearby...


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Longbow quiver - arrows, tab, stringer, whistle, glove, bracer

Recurve quiver - arrows, tab, bracer (2), finger loops, whistle, arrow puller, pens, multi-tool, bow square, dental floss, small screwdrivers, fletching glue, tubigrip, notebook for sightmarks

Cimpound quiver - as recurve but swap tab for 2 release aids and add Allen keys, lens cloth & cleaning solution.

This is just what permanently lives in the quivers and does not include the contents of my archery rucksack that goes everywhere with me too



What's in my quiver ... a scotch egg ( all basic food groups in one tasty snack) and 6 arrows
Not quite: no chocolate or alchohol... (unless... hmmm what would that be like: brandy soaked choc coated scotch egg...?)


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In my compound quiver:
2 release aids.
Arrow puller.
2 hex key multi tools (1 imperial,1 metric)
screw driver.
Small adjustable spanner.
Arrow lube.
Bag of spare nocks.
String wax.
Clip on bow stand.
Micro fibre cloth.
Arrow counter.
8 Arrows.

Field quiver/belt pouches:
Arrow puller.
Stringers (1 recurve 1 AFB)
Allan key (take down bow)
String wax
Spare string x 2 (1 recurve 1 AFB)
Point puller (not used that... yet)
Spare shelf carpet.
Shooting glove.
Tab, in case I left my glove in the car...again!!.
12 wooden arrows.

In my back pack: (day pack)
Flask of tea.
Bottle of water.
Pepperd steak Pasty.
Chocolate and crisps.
Water proof poncho.
Small first aid kit.
Swiss Army knife.
Holy bible...so I can pray it don't rain (kidding 😄)

And I'm sure I've missed something somewhere.


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That sounds more like it :D
For a trip to the range for a club meet or a hour or to solo practice I tend to just take what I really need, if I'm out with friends for the day I take pretty much everything for the type of day I have planed, i do think there has to be a limit before it becomes more preping than my archery kit.

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Several Tabs, a spare bracer, a couple elastic bandages, a Swiss Army Knife, a multi tool, including screw-drivers and Allen keys. arrow puller, pens, a few field target size prompt cards, usually some snacks such as flap-jacks, glue, spare nocks, plastic bag, elastic bands, oh and some arrows. (Sometimes a release aid as well.) You should see compound archers' faces when a longbow archer produces the tools they need to adjust their bow when they've forgotten their allen keys!)


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You should see compound archers' faces when a longbow archer produces the tools they need to adjust their bow when they've forgotten their allen keys!)
Yes I bet, as a compound archer.. well possibly Ex compound archer if my shoulder does not sort it's self out on my bow arm, myself I can see how that would be surprising.


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Allen keys
Odd Allen key for rest
Spare vanes
spare nocks ,nock collars, points & nocking points
Super glue
Hot melt
Spare rest arm
spare name tapes
spare numbering tapes
permanent marker in case i forget name tapes
2 biros
biro on a retractable key chain
chisel knife
bushcraft knife
small pliers
string wax
release aid pouch for water bottle
rangefinder pouch to put bits in.
tick removal tool
leather golf glove
synthetic golf glove
calf hair faced elite tab
cordovan faced elite tab
leather shooting glove
small microfiber towel
string wax
arrow rake
small pot of arrow lube
two arm braces
stretchy sports sleeve to go over brace
small roll of surgical tape
Geez - adds up doesn't it?