Where to find good local training for making a quality Longbow at home?


Hi All,
I'm relatively new in the forum, as this is my first post, only into my 3rd year of archery and well into my third era of life :cool:

Loving the archery and had some experience of crafting my own longbows using cheap wood whilst I make nearly all the basic mistakes possible.

I did invest in a one day hands on workshop to show me the basics of crafting a longbow from a yew off-cut, but now I feel I'd like some "proper" tuition if I can get it from someone suitably qualified and experienced who's willing to teach an old, but very willing and able dog, some new skills.

I live in Nottinghamshire and would like someone local if possible.

I've also studied a number of the you tube video channels but they're not really floating my boat on this issue.

So hopefully there's some of you out there that may be able to give me steer to help me improve on my efforts so far at crafting a bow, before I move on to attempting start crafting my own arrows :)

Thanks in anticipation,

Peter D.