where to find tri lam bow staves

Hi all

I'm looking for somewhere that sells tri lam staves -some choice of the components would be good and I'd rather not have to sell some part of my body to pay for it, does anyone know of a seller that sells pre glued staves in the UK?
Any help would be good - I thought my wife could get me one for Xmas, anyway all replies gratefully received all the best greenmaninthewoods.


Quicks sell Bickerstaffe laminated staves for ?195, or yiu can buy them direct from Bickerstaffe's own website for ?190. They appear to be hickory, purpleheart, and lemonwood, but best to check i suppose. Otherwise you could approach another bowyer, perhaps Hilary at Sylvan Archery, or maybe Chris Boyton, but they will likely be expensive. Another supplier could be Richard Head longbows - he sells a bamboo backed lemonwood longbow kit with all the other bits included for ?150.