[Horsebow] Which horse bow?


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Thats great, thanks. One doesn't know anything about Hungarian quality these days, and the thought of a syrah coming adrift under pressure because of poor manufacture is a real gamble. At least I have some confidence now after some of the answers on here, and for that I will be eternally grateful....cheers.


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I shoot a Flagella Dei Magyars reflex bow. It's great fun, and was cheap. I stripped the suede finish off it though, and refinished it with ribbons. I like to think it shoots even faster since I did that. Have also added a 1" band of suede around the grip to use as a strikeplate. Lovely bow, very quick an quiet. Where the string sits in the nocks on the siyahs the serving has to bend quite a lot so I sewed some fine glove leather over the serving to protect it. Lovely bow.