Which oh which Release

I am just getting good at compound and I would like to know some stuff about releases. I am thinking about buying a new one because the one I have right now is a $30 cobra trigger release. I would like to know what kind of release will might give me more consistency. And also what brand might I like to go with?

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I went straight to a Carter Target 4+ (4 finger thumb release). I'm confident in the fact that it won't fail at a critical moment and it has plenty of adjustable springs for trigger settings. I only started shooting a compound at Christmas, but I'm confident in the fact that it will last a long time.


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can't go wrong with a carter, but try them out as they come in many different styles and in my experience some fit the hand better than others. I shoot an old BK and new insatiable 3 and my hand size is on the small side of medium. The target 4 also fits well but some other carters are too big for my hand.



why don't you go along to a shop and try a few out, most shops/dealers will allow you to have ago, its got to be the best way to try out a major piece of gear, especialy one that is so personnel.


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Anything by Carter

If you are looking for good release, it's quality that counts. You need something you can trust 110% as it's your nose on the back end of that release end should anything go wrong. You also need something that is adjustable for your style and bow set up.

Carter have a range of trigger, back tention and mind control (it seems like it) release aids. Get yourself down to your local pro shop and try a few different types. I shoot a back tension Carter Evo, a triggered Ember 2 or if I want to be really scared a CopperJohn Eagle (but that eats D loops).


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I've found the Loesch Back Tension release to be fantastic for my shooting, as it is very adjustable, well made and allows you to develop perfect back tension without even realising it.