Which one?


What do you guys reckon...Stan Perfex Heavy Metal or Truball Goat...I am not overly interested in the hinge functionality of the Goat. I currently shoot a stan just x.


I shoot the Stan Perfex normal weight as opposed to the heavy one.
It is very easy to adjust for a perfect fit to my hand and to adjust the position of the thumb trigger.
The action is better than anything I have ever used apart from a hinge release. The weight and travel of the trigger can be adjusted very finely and there is a wide range of option for both.
The finger section can be adjusted backwards and forwards to get the handle to fit comfortably.
I have two other release aids by a well known manufacturer. The Stan is at a different level.
It also has a safety peg, which when fitted allows you to take a shot and it doesn't fire. I felt that was a gimmic, until I tried it.
With the peg in place you can go through the whole shot sequence including triggering the release. The trigger actually clicks just as normal, but the jaw doesn't open. It shows up immediately if you react to the triggering when you release. I found I was twitching when I used the peg. Very useful to know.


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It is really, really important to get a release aid that a) has a release function you are happy with and b) fits your hand very well. I think the second is often overlooked. I used to shoot hinge indoors and training, and thumb outdoors. To be honest it wasn't important which one I used but the fit was really important. First I would say get the one that best fits your hand. If testing the fit isn't possible and hinge is of no interest I would go with the stan as I know the product quality.
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