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depends on what you want to do... or, what's available locally? For example, there are no EFAA clubs within an hour of me, but there are several GNAS clubs. But if target competitions are something you want to do (with maybe a bit of field), GNAS is the way to go, if it's mostly field, EFAA is probably the one to look at.

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As Bimble says it depends where you are, and what style of shooting you want to do. NFAS all unmarked animal or 3D rounds. EFAA marked distances roundels and animal / 3D rounds. AGB/GNAS Both marked and unmarked roundels, unmarked animal and 3D rounds. I'm AGB (GNAS) myself as the AGB field clubs are nearer to me than IFAA clubs, and I like to shoot the roundel targets as well as the animal rounds. So I chose AGB for the variation.

Also AGB and EFAA have international competitions if you get good enough and want to do it, whereas NFAS do not compete internationally on principle.
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Archery seems over run with various associations to me... Why can't there just be one?

Ah, I already know the answer to this one:

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Which of the following is the best to join the I/EFAA or NFAS??
Down to what you intend doing. If you ever see yourself doing international comps then it's got to be EFAA. Aside from that go on the websites and read about the rounds, have a look at club websites.
I would go with what's local and then you can always join the other, it might cost you ?30 which for a years membership to dip your toe ain't going to be wasted money. I can only speak for NFAS but most shoots will only set you back ?7/8. It's a bargain for a great days shooting whichever you join.