Whipping pre made arrows?


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I have a set of really decent ready made wood and feather arrows (with wraps) but my daughter wants to shoot them off her hand with a horse bow

Having seen how badly that can end (with un-whipped feathers) I want to whip the front of the feathers just to be on the safe side. Already have a reel of suitable thread that I got with some medieval arrows

Can anyone point me to a tutorial for whipping just the front of the feather (cant find anything so far on YouTube)

Is it okay to just tightly whip and glue thread to the wrap? Or do I need to do the knot properly . . .


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Most archers that I know, including me, just use a tape of some sort to bind down the feather front. I use thin strips of electric insulation tape, maybe 3mm wide, and a couple of tight wraps round and then just put a drop of superglue on the end to ensure it stays in place. Different colour tape for different bows.