WHY should I get into making my own string? And How to keep on.


AIUK Saviour
I used to like to make my own strings years ago when I first started archery back in the late 80's and again in the 90's. I used to find it therapeutic.
My first attempt took me about 1.5 hrs to make a string, but I soon had that down to about 30 mins with a bit of regular practice. Back in those days I was shooting approx 4 times a week, so I was making approx 4 - 6 strings a year.

These days I just buy strings as I'm not interested in competitions anymore, just club shooting when I can. With todays string materials, I don't think there is as much risk of bad strings or strings snapping as there used to be. Most strings these days are made from fastflite or similar material which have very little stretch and don't tend to snap, unlike the old kevlar strings. No need to count the number of shots with a string before replacing it these days. I believe IIRC that kevlar would last for approx 1000 shots before needing to be replaced.