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This is a repost of the review I posted in the archery subreddit for the Win and Win NS-G limbs. The feedback was requested from a user who wanted to know what I thought of them following a conversation. I thought people here might be interested as well

To my knowledge there aren't any written English reviews out there and not many places have stock yet (at least I believe this is the case here in the UK at any rate) so if anyone wants to replicate my review in part or full then they can (some credit would be nice of course). To that end, my own pair were ordered in by my request by Wales Archery Specialists (disclaimer; whilst I am not currently sponsored by them, I do have an application in with them that is pending review)

Old Limbs: 68 inch Uukaha V1000s. Marked up at 42lb, 48lb on the fingers (limb bolts maxed out)

New Limbs: 70 inch Win and Win NS-G Limbs. Marked up at 44lb, 49lb on the fingers (limb bolts on their minimum settings)

Arrows; 430 ACEs


I've always liked Win and Win limbs, they were the first ones I laid down my own hard cash on (Winex limbs) so I am little biased towards their kit, but the NS-G limb is good. Really good. Like, I didn't even blink when i was given the bill good.Speed; Well, Win and Win limbs are never lacking speed and the NSG is no slouch in this department. I didn't chrono my arrows, but my 18 meter sightmark was identical to my 18m that i was using on my old set up and my spare string. At 18m though, my arrows were in target very very fast. I'll give some more feed back once I've got my sightmarks next week for field.

Smoothness; A bit tough for me to judge because the draw force curve is way different to uukahas but they are smooth to the point that i forget that I'm holding 49lb on my fingers

Forgiveness; Very forgiving. I shot a round for the BA postal league as a bit of a throw away round but then went to testing what I could get away with short of a forward release because I have at least some self respect. It was very hard to shift my arrows out of the 9 ring of a 60cm face; I didn't actually manage it apart from the single arrow that was low which was a sight mark issue right at the start of the day.

I also really like how calm and how... undramatic the limbs are. They are fast but the don't rip the string from you. Forgiving but they won't let you slack off the whole way. Smooth but with a reminder that you're holding weight.

Some pics of the bow

Edit; it's doesn't change my opinion on the limbs but there is a "rule of cool" thing going on with this limbs; laterally you can see through them (especially towards the bow end of the limb) if you hold them up to the light