Win & Win compounds?


Any views on these or even better anyone have any experience of using one to share? I was just browsing, and saw some of these up for sale and they piqued my interest. I really haven't seen much opinion on these, bar the odd Youtube video from a shop selling them.

In the target range, things like the Atom X Pro look (to me) like a nice bow for the money. Of course, there are some reservations as W&W are not known for compound bows, although they are major players in the Olympic recurve scene. I did read some comment that some older versions of their compounds were prone to limb breakage, but apparently this has been improved in more recent bows, but that is one thing I'd certainly not want to experience.



Any views on these or even better anyone have any experience of using one to share?
Not on quality, albeit they are supposedly quite good.
Following good reviews I took chances earlier this year, and ordered a Shadow Pro 34".
For almost 4 month I was in contact with the shop, which basically amounted to "shipment from W&W postponed".
Until finally me patience snapped, and I agreed on a Elite Enlist instead.
The shop (located in Germany, ordering parts there for some time now, never disappointed me) still lists them with a fat red "very limited availability" label.
Maybe it's just the LH hunting models, I don't know ...


Thanks for the response. It's a hypothetical question at the moment, just thinking ahead :) So limited availability and little communication to suppliers from the manufacturer then, by the sound of it.

Out of interest I don't suppose you know what the difference is between AZ and EZ cams? Current models seem to have changed to AZ cams with little explanation, while the previous EZ's seemed to have better draw length ranges (bit more overlap between models).