Winact limbs becoming more powerful!



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Myself and a fellow archer at North Cheshire Bowmen. Have just purchased pairs of Win&Win Winact carbon limbs (38 and 40 lbs respectively)
We have each only shot about 15 to 18 dozen arrows each with them, whilst setting our sights for 80 and 100 yards .
Both of us were using our pre-stretched pre-shot strings.
Both of us over the evening found despite careful checking of equipment, that our shots were going further (higher) as the long afternoon and evening went on. We can expect to get weary, stretching strings, etc. These factors leading to the arrows falling short, rather than going further.
Neither of us experienced this with our previous fibreglass W&W limbs.
Is this normal behaviour whilst shooting in new carbon limbs. Will they settle down.
13mm increase of sight movement over the evening seems strange.
It was warm, no alcohol involved, no little green men in spaceships, no magic powers involved.
Advice please. (Magic limbs were be purchased from Bowsports and Quicks)


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Do you warm up before shooting?
I find that if I don't pre-warm, over the course of an afternoon or evenings shooting my arrows strike higher and higher on the target simply because as I warm up, my draw length increases significantly as my back and shoulder muscles loosen up, even to the point of neutralising the "fall-short" problem caused by fatigue!!

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As the sun drops and the ground cools down, the earth contracts to about 75% of it's original size. So, your target was much closer later in the day.This is why, if ever you need to visit someone, you should do it in the evening so you don't have to drive as far. :)
Seriously though, I have Winacts and haven't noticed this (yet). They sometimes go further left as the day wears on, but I think this is due to a slight shift in gravity as the earth rotates ;)
Or, it could equipment failure, perhaps the big nut that holds the handle! :eek:


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Shot an Albion on Sunday. No problems with the bow's behaviour. My colleague was off shooting on Merseyside so I don't know if he had his limb problem. I must have changed something with my stance or draw over the course of that day. The Albion score was 644 on a really hot day, did not qualify for 1st class, but handicap came down from 49 to 48. I won on points by 51 over the next person,and still won despite others having a poorer handicap. I have been shooting since a beginners course in January,having bought my equipment since easter. Really enjoying the experience.