Wooden Arrows for a 35# AFB



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My wife has just invested in a Touchwood Buzzard AFB - she has a short draw (23.5" so the guy on the shop said when he measured her draw length) and I'm trying to work out the correct spine arrows for her - some websites say you go between 5 - 10lb under poundage, others say a little above and finally there is the ones that say match the arrows to the poundage

What do people suggest, or is it a bit like English Longbows and make a few and see how they shoot?

Any advise would be appreciated


Del the Cat

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Try a few and see.
Poundage is only ever a very rough indicator of the required spine... a 35# Ash ELB made by a newbie isn't going to give the same acceleration to the arrow as a 35# glass faced AFB. Brace height and loose also make a difference.
I'd suggest 30-35 or 35-40 spine as a good start point.
I think there is vastly too much emphasis on "correct spine" IMO it is more important to have them all the same even if they are maybe not ideal. (I'm thinking field shooting here).
My experience indicates that too stiff will shoot a tad left (right handed archer) and too weak will simply waggle a little longer in flight.
If they are fly the same the archer will soon subconsciously/instinctively compensate (or adjust their sights if they use such things)


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Thanks Del - I'll give various spines a go and see what performs best, but sounds like a good starting point
Hopefully it wont be as protracted as trying to get arrows to bend around my ELB.... got there in the end though :)
Much appreciated