wooden arrows points problem


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If you want your points to be stuck on permanently, use something like araldite 2 part epoxy glue. I used araldite precision on my arrows and I couldn't get them off even when I wanted too.
I'll second that. I got pre built arrows from a shop and they all came with loose points. Stuck them back on with 2 part epoxy and haven't really had a problem since, apart from loosing one point in the wooden frame of a target boss.


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Just an update from me too - I've been using TopHat screw on piles and haven't had an issue at all.

I lost a few before I realised it was a bad idea to try to replace piles on wooden arrows - obivously they're effectively self-tapping the threads on the wooden shaft and if you remove and replace the pile too many times (more than a couple) then the threads on the wood weaken too much.

So I stopped doing that and haven't had an issue since. :)

Simon Banks

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I use the reparrow repair shafts to mend mine.. The are reamed out to accept a tapered arrow shaft so a little water proof glue and cut to size stick on a new pile and your arrow is ready to go again. Costs about 75p to repair an arrow. I've tried both the Wallnut and cedar reparrow and the wallnut ones seem to be the toughest... Or if you have 100 quid to spare make them yourself using a arrow-fix tool.. Personally I think that's a lot of arrows...


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I don't use glue i use timber creek screw on and tighten them with pliers they don't come off infact when trying to change the point I found that i overdid it with the pliers and now they bit into the wood so well they wont twist back off wit the pliers.

Had to make up a set of new shafts.

If your going to use glue no point buying the screw might as well buy taper oh and you should not use super glue you use hot melt.

Another reason I wen't for screw trying to avoid pyroteknics but it looks like I may have to heat them to get them off anyway...oh dear.


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Let me add a vote for (slow-setting) epoxy. I've used it for many years, stuck arrows in straw bosses and foam, and 3D's, and cardboard (in pre-foam days), (and in trees I'm afraid), and they stay put. I also do the twiddle with a file inside the taper-fit pile first.
If you do want to get them off just hold in a gas flame for a moment or two.

Phat Daad

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Parallel for top hat field points, no glue required, go on easily and stay. Using the fitting tools and nice finish.