World Archery proposed rule changes


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catching up with the latest Easton podcasts and they were talking about the proposed rule changes for WA archery.

Some of them are.... interesting. The full list is available HERE, but this is a short run down

Motion 10 - introduction of 100cm target face for the recurve 70/60m 720 rounds. This would not be for the 1440 or the barebow 50m rounds.

Motion 11 - shortening the 720 qualification round from 72 arrows down to 60 arrows for all bow classes.

Motion 13/14 - X ring scores 11 indoors & outdoors for compound bows.

There is also the proposal (as opposed to motion, so I guess it's a future potential motion??) to lower the time per arrow from 40 seconds to 30 seconds, giving an archer 3 minutes to shoot all six arrows rather than 4 minutes.

A lot of these rules seem to be suggested to help split ties/shorten the length of a shooting day. Personally I'd suggest a four end match (first to 5 points/120 points) and using number of Xs to split ties outside. I don't see how changing the scores indoors made a change...