Wot? No animal?

Robing Hood

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Well, in all the years (which is tooooo many to tell you) I have been doing field archery, yesterday at a field shoot, I shot at a target that was grass, no animal to be seen, just grass. Yes, grass. The target of "grass" even had a wound zone, a kill zone and a Pro Zone. I'll certainly remember this one to my grave I can tell you.

Robing Hood

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In answer to ThomVis, I can assure you it did happen, that the target in question was just simply grass. No bugs on it, or any other such, just grass. It was placed at 22 meters. Unable to see what the hell it was I was shooting at, I put my arrow plumb centre and not knowing whether I had hit anything had another, which was placed lower. It turns out that my first arrow had missed, it was in the *sky* but I got *it* with the second, but the kill zone (hand drawn) was not centred but on the far left hand edge of the target face, which was not much bigger than an A3 size. The *target* was made up from a cut off section from another target face which was probably to big to put onto the boss. All it was, was grass. :boggled:

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Archers aren't allowed to take pics at unmarked field shoots since the cameras could be used as range finders.
Could have fooled me.. plenty of people take pics on their phones.
Maybe if it's some sort of major competition... but chill out...
'Not Allowed'... the bane of our lives.
On the way to work this morning I go through a carpark under an ASDA supermarket. The thoroughfare is used by vast numbers of people walking or cycling to town on the network of cycletracks.
The other day I noticed a small sign on a lamp post by the entrance " NO ENTRY... FIRE EXIT ONLY"
Complete nonsense, it's an integral part of a cyclepath and footpath network, with pedestrian lanes marked through the crapark and a travellator...
It is completely ignored by everyone.
'Not allowed' ?!? gimme strength...


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Last time I was at Fort Purbrook it was the unmarked day and I took a fair few photos... admittedly I wasn't shooting and checked with the judges before hand... - Bimble's Archery Photos

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I like the idea of alternative targets.
Maybe trees or various vegetables (cabbage, swede, turnip, carrot?) for the discerning vegetarian archer